Now based in LODNDON, UK hit me up if you wanna meet
Check out the CV Graphic at Analogue Haven in Santa Monica CA.
Wanna check out the CV Graphic module, go try the demo unit at Control Voltage in Portland !

Lysandre Follet a.k.a Minigorille
is actually working at the NIKE Innovation Kitchen as a Director of Generative Design. Mentally obsessed at the moment by the interaction between analog synthesizers and computer generated geometry.
  +      =         Building synths at night.

With backgrounds in Science, Art and Industrial Design, Lysandre navigates at the intersection of multiple fields capable of going after complex problems, leveraging advanced processes and thinking such as computational design. Always on the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing and able to create new strong aesthetics. Interested and motivated in reshaping and redefining the boundaries of technology and art helped by a blend of analog and digital tools. Please contact me if you have the same mission.

The work presented is a selection of past-present-future projects including commercial work, concept and personal experimentation. The highly confidential nature of my current professional position does not allow me to share projects I'm involved in.Well maybe one day, so come back soon.

Modular synthesizer musical exploration

Inspired by recreating natural elements such as water, underwater sounds, metal, space.