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Designer & Innovator.
Using technology as a creative medium across dimensions.
NIKE BREAKING 2 Marathon shoe, designed and built to break the two hours mythic marathon bareer.
Blackcorporation DDRM with special Pelican case.
NIKE Rio Olympic 2016 Track and field spike, industry first ever performance product using Generative Design.
Lysandre Follet on stage at BRAIN BAR 2022 talking about Generative AI and AI Creative Bias
2015 Industrial Design
2017 Labs|CGI
NIKE Rio Olympic T&F
2015 Generative Design
2022 Talk



Off to a new adventure in Tokyo. Former Head of Generative Design at NIKE INC 2011-2023

The Approach

Collaboration - Creativity - Curiosity - Expertise - Improvisation

Lysandre is a multidisciplinary French designer, innovator and leader.
Over the last decade, he has pioneered the use of Generative Design to create data-informed products, at Nike and in his practice. Lysandre's experience encompasses many award-wining projects in footwear, technology, products and musical instruments.

His work incorporates different mediums & methods to explore vast creative domain spanning across physical, digital, and augmented worlds.

As a keynote speaker, Lysandre has passionately shared his insights worldwide on Generative Design, Generative AI, AI Creative Bias and Degenerative Design.

Lysandre holds a Master Degree in Industrial Design and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering science.

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Talks & Workshops