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Hello - こんにちは,
I’m a Dad, Creative Leader, Musician and Innovator with an international career built around using tech as a creative medium with a focus on co-creating with machine intelligence.

Off to a new adventure in Tokyo 🖤 | Former Head of Generative Design @NIKE INC 2011-2022.

“While the entire creative world is embarking on a transformative journey of co-creation with Artificial Intelligence, in this talk Lysandre will take a critical look at one of the greatest modern threats to creativity: AI bias.”
Brain Bar
2022 - Budapest, Hungary
“In this talk Lysandre discusses co-creation with computers through the lens of generative design / algorithm design and asks in a world run by computer programs that make decisions or solve problems for us, can we leverage algorithms and machines to complement and augment the human creative practice?”
2018 - SF, USA
“In this talk, Lysandre explains how Generative Design is reshaping the creative process within Nike Innovation; giving designers access to a tool they never had access to before, unlocking imagination and generating products with unprecedented personalised performance.

When do we start co-creating with computers?”
UX London
2017 - London, UK

Project highlight : High performance, industry defining innovation.